Tone It Up – Yoga Mat


I have been wanting to try out this mat since it was launched and have finally included it in my recent Tone It Up purchase

The mat is soft and reversible with 2 amazing colours on in coral and one in teal (pictured above). The length is perfect and it would fit much taller women (I’m only 5ft3″).

What I love about it?

I love the colours the design the size, but I was most impressed with the thickness and comfortability. I have been using this mat frequently for almost 2 months and  I haven’t found a flaw yet (and I highly doubt I will!) It is almost twice as thick as my other yoga mats so it makes it a lot more comfortable to workout on it especially when doing yoga and pilates! 

Compared to other yoga mats?

I have used several different yoga mats but I have always found something which I didn’t like, some were narrow and I would end up with my arms touching the floor, some where thin and it did not protect my back or knees especially with certain moves.

How I use it?

I have been using it for all my indoor workouts; yoga, toning, pilates and cardio! If you follow Tone It Up, I also do their HIIT workouts barefoot on this mat (because of my neighbours!)  and I feel it protects my feet a lot, doing so on other mats sometimes I felt like I was hurting the sole of my foot and just under my toes, but since I have been using this mat, I did not have any problems, the cushioning of the mat is soft and study at the same time. 

Final Verdict?

I love this mat, and I would recommend it to everyone especially if you love Pilates or do HIIT routines bare foot! It is very comfortable, sturdy and the colours are amazing. I love the teal and coral colours, and the fact that it is reversible didn’t make it hard to decide on which colours to get, I got both in one ! 


Have you tried this mat? What are your thoughts?


Thank you for reading, let me know what you think in the comments below!


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