Detox and Stocking up Basics [Fridge / Freezer]


In continuation to the previous posts Detox and Stocking up Basics (Cupboard) and Detox and Stocking up, in this post I will mention some other ways to stock up which helps in living a healthy lifestyle. Having basics stocked up is always beneficial, even when you don’t follow a particular food plan.

In the fridge

Having a fridge stocked up with healthy produce ensure you get a fresh nutritious food with every meal. 

  • Peeled garlic last a few weeks in the fridge and is super beneficial as it aids in cleansing your system with its anti-bacterial and antiviral properties along with adding taste to any savoury dish.  If you are worried about ‘garlic breath’, chew on some fresh parsley and mint after meals.
  • Onions also keep well in the fridge and can be added to salads as well as to cooking any meal.
  • Lemons add zest to meals, cleanse your system, are great added to water and are very alkaline
  • Fruit such as PlumsOrangesPearsCranberriesBlueberries and Bananas are delicious as a healthy snack, added to breakfasts and smoothies
  • Miso, which is a paste made from fermented soya beans can keep for weeks after opening and is great as a condiment substitute, added to soups and stews or as a hot drink for extra zest

In the freezer

Frozen food is healthier than tinned food and is great as an alternative to fresh ingredients. Just make sure nothing is added to readily bought frozen fruits and vegetable. The ingredient list must have only the frozen food, no added preservatives or juices.

If you make extra meals or have leftover which will not be consumed within a day or so, freezing it is a great alternative and it means you have a readily made meal for when you are short on time. A lot of food can be frozen such as:

  • Fruit 
  • Vegetables
  • Home made patties (burgers)
  • Meat
  • Sauces
  • Broth and much more

The COLD truth

Throw away anything not used after 3 months, as although food is frozen, it will still loose its nutritional content after a certain period of time

Do you freeze meals? What are your thoughts?

Thank you for reading, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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