Detox and Stocking Up?


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Food nourishes our bodies, inside and out. When we eat the right food, we feel more energised, healthier and we are less prone to mood swings.

If you read some of my previous posts on cleansing and detoxing; including Clean: 21 Day DetoxUnderstanding the Magic of DetoxTop 6 Tips for DetoxingDaily Detox Drinks and Understanding Detox Side-Effects amongst other posts, you would  know that detoxing is very important and beneficial, especially in recent years.


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Stocking food that have detoxification benefits make it easier to incorporate in our day to day lives and can help in cleaning our system from potential harmful toxins that build up through poor eating habits, an over indulgence in alcohol or too many late nights.  Detoxifying foods will help in keeping us in optimum health and can be used in our daily meals. 


Expensive Ingredients?

These ingredients are not necessarily expensive or difficult to find, but it may be wise to keep an eye out for what is seasonal and what is not, as this makes a huge difference in the cost of the product. These are simple ingredients which we may already have in our house and can be easily stored in cupboards, fridge or freezer, so they are always at hand  when needed. 

I will mention some of the common ingredients in the next post



It is tempting to order a takeaway when we are tired and hungry. Make sure to keep some go to recipes or meals that can be prepared in a couple of minutes or batch cook some of your favourite meals and freeze some, so you just have to re heat it in a pot and eat it! 

If you have a favourite pasta sauce, make some extra, freeze it and have it ready for when you are super busy or tired. The sauce will defrost and heat up whilst you boil your pasta. There are a lot of healthy pasta available such as spelt or quinoa past, or else put it on some zucchini noodles, you would barely notice the difference!


Do you have any easy recipe tips? I am always searching for such!


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