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Nowadays, it is really easy to shop and find most of the things required for cooking meals. Although some ingredients might not be super available where I live (due to the fact that I live on a tiny island and some ingredients have to be imported), I try to make best with what I’ve got and most of the time it is more than enough. 

Most super markets have a wide variety of items, although they might be pricey. Some low cost shops like Lidl have most of the everyday products although unfortunately they do not stock up on healthy treats, yet!

Living healthy is thought to be super expensive, but if you think about it and plan ahead, it might turn out to be cheaper than most conventional meals. 

Being prepared and having all the necessities at hand makes it easier to prepare healthy meals in little time. 

Buying seasonal food is important because seasonal food contains the highest nutritional value and most often it is at a very reasonable price. Buying frozen fruit and veg may be a good option although not a nutritious as fresh locally grown, it is better than food that has been imported and treated to look nice on shelves weeks after being harvested. 

Most fruit and veg are available frozen and as long as the ingredients are just the fruit or veg (no additional additives) it is still a good option in my opinion. 

I try to visit the Farmer’s Market once a week to stock up on fruit and veg for the week, the super market once or twice a month to stock up on daily necessities, and local shops to pick up any missing items that are required throughout the week.


Do you have any tips on food shopping?


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