Avoiding Side Effect pt 2



So further to the posts Understanding Detox Side Effects and Avoiding side effects pt 1, this is the last post about understanding detox side effects. 


Spring clean your home

When cleaning our house we must try and avoid any harmful toxins. Many commercial products have harmful toxins in them, but nowadays greener and DIY solutions are becoming more popular, which will leave our house as clean if not cleaner then using commercial solutions.

The air in our home can have up to 20 times more pollutants as air outside!

Wipe your shoes

Try and make it a habit to take your shoes off as soon as you get in your house, to try and reduce the variety of pollutants from the roads and pavements.

Fumes and fire retardants can cause headaches, if you have new furniture or home-ware which is omitting certain scents, such as new smell, try and air the room.

Try and buy non-aerosol, people and environmentally friendly cleaning products


Putting on a brave face

During detox our skin might have heightened sensitivity, so try and see what ingredients are actually in the soap, shampoo and lotions we use, to avoid any irritation or spots. Also make sure that any make up brushes, face cloths and other tools used are as clean as possible.

Be kind to the skin

You should keep harsh ingredients and alcohols to a minimum. Some times the feeling of squeaky clean is not a good sign, it might actually be the feeling of stripping off the natural oils of the skin which might cause irritation and further breakouts. 


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