Avoiding Side Effects pt 1


Following the previous post Understanding Detox Side-Effects, in this post we will see how to try and avoid emotional stress.

Common Effects

Getting rid of an overload of toxins is very stressful to the body, and it can lead to making us feel grumbly, stressed and irritated amongst other side effects such as headaches and other physical effects.

Ideally we try to avoid any disruptions to our mood whilst following a detox program. Heated arguments should be avoided as well as situations that during normal circumstances make us feel uncomfortable. 

It is possible that we might feel less than 100 % while our bodies are getting rid of toxins and it is ideal to be prepared for such situations

A Study Revealed that harsh words and hot tempered arguments can weaken the immune system, so we should avoid these kinds of situations at all times but it is especially important to avoid these during a detox program. 

Try and find a calm state of mind during a detox, try and learn how to meditate, practice yoga and find peace of mind. To help such process, you can schedule a massage, set some quality time either by yourself or with a loved one, and enjoy doing what you love most to stay at ease.

This is extremely beneficial not just during a detox session but also for a life time!


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