Natural Oral Care Routine (teeth & gums)


If you follow my blog, you would know that I am currently trying to use more natural and healthy everything, including health and beauty products.

I have been trying to do my own DIY stuff and have found quite a few good recipes.

The routine

I follow 3 main steps to make sure I keep my mouth clean and fresh. The mouth is also though to be the place where most disease start, so if you manage to ward them off initially, you will have a better holistic wellbeing. So I start with Oil Pulling followed by Teeth Brushing and Mouth Rinsing

The Actual Process

I start my day with oil pulling and for this step I always use 1 TBSP of Raw Organic Coconut oil, I swish it around my mouth for 15-20mins. I usually do this in bed before a I get up, whilst I check my emails and social media. I have recently discovered that you can add essential oils to coconut oil for various reasons, so I am currently experimenting with that. I will try to do a dedicated post for oil pulling. 

After my oil pulling, I rinse my mouth either with plain filtered water or salty water (I add 0.5TBSP of sea salt to my filtered water)

As for my actual teeth cleaning, oil pulling does not replace brushing your teeth, I have tried a DIY toothpaste which I am really liking at the moment. The recipe is by everyday roots and is in the everyday roots book. It is super easy to make and most other formulas I found online are quite complex and require certain ingredients which are not very easily available, at least where I live.

Then for a healthy fresh breath, I rinse my mouth with a DIY mouth wash which is basically made out of filtered water, and a couple drops of peppermint and tea tree essential oils which are both refreshing and antiseptic.

My Thoughts

I have noticed a difference following this routine, my teeth look whiter and I know that none of the ingredients will add toxicity to my body. All products are very easy to make, each product does not take longer than 5 minutes!  and are very affordable.


Have you tried any of these routines before? Do you have a DIY recipe for health / beauty products?
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