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How the Body Eliminates Toxins pt2

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Following the previous post Eliminating Toxins pt 1 I will now briefly explain the next 3 excretory organs.


The Lungs 

The lungs filter pollutants that are air borne such as smoke and pollution including a chemical called carbon monoxide, and allows oxygen to enter the blood stream  and eliminate toxins through carbon dioxide (which is what we exhale)

As I mentioned in the previous post, a lot of toxicity can create a buildup and this also effect the lungs in the form of catarrh, which is a sign of a poorly functioning respiratory system


The Liver

The liver is a very complex organ, it can process anything that enter our bodies and has a lot of functions. One very important function is removing toxins from the bloodstream.

Keep in mind that anything we put on our bodies is absorbed in the bloodstream.

*excuse some of the terms mentioned below but I could not find any alternate ones

The liver neutralise harmful substances and pass them over to the intestines in the form of bile, which are then moved and excreted in the form of faeces.

If our liver is overworked, instead of getting rid of these harmful toxins, it will start storing them which can lead to health conditions such as diabetes, hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.



I am a true believer of the term we are what we eat and this is where digestion comes in. As our body process the food we eat, the nutrients are absorbed by our stomach wall and intestines while the waste and toxins are excreted through our bowels.

Digestive Problems

Good bacteria in the gut is super important for the digestive process, however their balance can very easily become unbalanced due to poor diet, anti biopics or toxins overload. If this happens, the food will remain in the intestines, not fully digested, which can cause a number of digestive problems including but are not limited to constipation, painful winds and IBS, which are becoming very common nowadays


Minding what we eat can eliminate or reduce the effects of certain pains and un-comfortability we have come so accustomed to and believe are normal symptoms  nowadays!


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