Sit Up Straight – It Helps Your Well Being! {Guest Post}


Do you ever remember your parents or another family member telling you to ‘Sit up straight?’ Well it turns out that they were protecting you from more than just proper decorum. They may not have even known it but good posture is essentially how the human body works when it is most efficient but more than this; it has now been proven to promote a sense of mental wellbeing too! But exactly how does posture improve our state of mind and more importantly how can we achieve it?

Improved Digestion:

Good digestion is the foundation for good health and that’s why it can have a clear and direct link with mental wellbeing. Your digestion is one of the first things to deteriorate when your health declines. One of the benefits of adopting a good seating position is that your rib cage will be freer and open ensuring that the digestion process is a smoother one. It also prevents stress which is normally the onset for irritable bowel syndrome.

Power = Posture

It is no coincidence that many people with likeminded characteristics are confident, assertive and seem to advance quickly in life. The common trait of these people is that they have a higher level of testosterone. The great thing is that testosterone levels can be altered through posture! Simply stand tall to exert more power. Another great thing to do is to sport a power pose. To do this, either raise both hand above your head and clinch your fists or have your feet positioned a shoulder length apart and place both hands on your hips. You may be surprised at the outcome.

And breathe…

By sitting or standing in an upright position more oxygen will be allowed to flow through the veins because of the widening of our airways. This will in turn, lead to proper and healthier breathing. Your blood will then be able to flow to all parts of the body at a more efficient rate meaning your bodily functions will improve as well as your mental capacity. It appears quite obvious really, the better postural position you are in, the higher oxygen supply you will receive.

Improves Productivity:

If there was ever a reason for trying to persuade a company that you work for to invest in better quality seating then this is it! Good posture actually leads to increased concentration which inevitably means that you’re more productive. The fact is that those who sit correctly can take in as much as 30% more oxygen than those who continue to slouch. Therefore, when you are in more of crouched position, it is more difficult to maintain energy levels which often results in a loss of motivation.

Better mood:

Erik Peper, has carried out various experiments to test how posture can affects positive thought and energy levels. The study suggests that those that were sitting in a more upright position not only felt more energetic but tended to be happier too. In comparison, those that were slouched had higher feelings of isolation, sadness and loneliness. This is just one experiment that has concluded people with great posture are happier than those who haven’t.

Ways to promote good posture:

Now that it is clear to see that posture has a positive effect on mental wellbeing, it is important to try and identify ways in which we are able to achieve a good seating position. Anything from having the right piece of furniture to simply thinking about the way you are sitting will help you.

Mind over Matter:

This strategy of trying to achieve good posture is simply done by trying to think about the way you sit. For example, when you notice that you are slouching readjust your position to once again be in a good postural position. Over time, this will naturally develop into a habit and you won’t need to continually think about sitting upright as you will already be doing it!

Sitting Correctly:

It may sound overwhelmingly obvious but not many people actually know the correct way of attaining good posture. For example, when sitting you should ensure that your bottom is shuffled right to the back of your seat. The next thing you need to consider is that your legs are at a proper right angle at your knees. And the final thing to remember is that your armrests are in a position so that your shoulders are not under too much strain. These should again be at a right angle.

Lumbar Support Chair:


A quick fix for assisting you to achieve good posture is by investing in a quality high back or lumbar support chair. This is because these types of chairs are specially designed to help you achieve this very thing!

The reason many people do not sport good posture when sitting is because it requires a certain amount of effort to sit in this position but the fact is that this is only because the muscles around the spine have weakened because they are not being used.

Therefore, for many is essential to have a good back chair to be able to facilitate good posture and the proper support needed to achieve ultimate comfort.

Finally, by achieving your new found good postural sitting position; it will not only help your physical health but it will also improve your mental wellbeing.


Written by Max Lamont


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What’s in my Current Makeup Bag | Project Pan

What's in my Current Makeup Bag

What’s in my Current Makeup Bag ?

I have been doing project pan for around a year now, and I originally started this “challenge” to declutter and get rid of my overflowing items. I have used up quite a number of products so far and I have cut down on my purchases a lot except for getting the essentials when the product reaches its end. My previous project pan included my introduction to the challenge and my followup.

Whilst doing this challenge I have realised that having a small makeup bag with just the necessities makes it so much easier getting ready in the morning that I intend to keep doing it. So what’s in my current makeup bag?

How am I doing it now?

Since I’ve used up most of the items that were hitting pan, most of the items I have left are still almost new or have a lot product left in them, so what I am doing now to get the most use out of all my products is switching the contents in my daily make up bag every other month or so according to the season.

Since I am trying to use mostly natural products, I have thrown out all the foundations that scored over 7 in the think dirty app. I have decided not to use these products up since it will be covering my face thus I will be using quite a lot of such products and I did not donate them since I do not believe they are healthy I did not want to give them to anyone else to use.

I have kept some products, mostly eyeshadows in such range since I will only be using these occasionally and it will only be a tiny amount, so I think I can live with that. I will be switching up to natural eyeshadows for daily use though and I will be switching these products every month or so with ones with cleaner ingredients until I use a good amount of it to throw away the rest. At least that is the plan!

What Products I am using? 

So my current make up bag at the moment consists of:

1x Skin TintH2O Skin Tint by PIXI in No1: Cream – which I use as a foundation / tinted moisturiser

1x MascaraInika Mineral Mascara in Black – which is natural and vegan and I have recently posted about it here

1x Blusher Inika Mineral Blush in 03 Blooming Nude which is also natural and vegan

1x small pot of aloe vera gel –  which I use instead of clear eyebrow gel

2x eye pencil – I am using a Natural Collection one in black for my upper lash line and a Rimmel soft kohl in 021 denim blue which I use on my lower lash line

3x eyeshadow products – I am using the Inika Creme Eyeshadow in Champagne as a base all over my lid, them I am using the Revlon in Plum Matte which I use on the outer corners of my eyes and the Revlon Lilac Pearl which I use to blend in the plum shade.

Final Thoughts

So these are the contents of my current make up bag, they are very few but they are enough for my daily make up routine. I plan to be switching these products over with some of my others in my stash in a month or two. I also intend to replace the used up products with natural and vegan friendly options.

All the Inika products mentioned are Natural and Vegan, just in case you were wondering 🙂


Have you tried project pan before? What are your thoughts?

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The Detox Series – Flushing Out Our Kidneys [Part 2]



Our kidneys work hard for our body and we need to show them some tender, loving care


Eating to improve our kidneys

As with any cleanse / detox, choosing a healthy balanced range of food is important for all our organs. When adapting healthy eating habits and we concentrate on eating healthy foods, it is most likely that we end up eating much less of foods we don’t need.

Rebalancing our food intake

To flush out our kidneys, we need to increase our intake of kidney cleansing foods and these include; garlic, onions, papayas, bananas, watermelon, sprouts, leafy greens and cucumbers. It is important to also avoid meats, starchy foods, dairy as well as any processed foods as these will act as inhibitors to kidney filtering.

Certain common diets where they include the rebalancing of entire food groups can cause extreme damage to our kidneys. For instance a diet where carbohydrates are eliminated and the protein intake is increased can cause damage to our kidneys as the increased nitrogenous waste formed as a result of the breakdown of excess protein causes the kidneys to overwork and in severe cases can actually lead to kidney damage and failure.

Herbs good for kidneys

Some herbs are known for their diuretic properties which in turn turn out to be good for kidney cleansing. When the flow of urine is increased, these herbs help in encouraging the elimination of toxins. Effective herbal diuretics include: dandelion, cleavers, boldo, buchu and couch grass.

Whenever we take diuretic herbs or anything that encourages urination, it is important that we drink plenty of water to replace the fluids lost and stay hydrated as well as increase the flushing effect of the kidneys and helps with the detoxification process

The role of water

Whenever we are dehydrated, our kidneys are stressed. When we do not drink enough water / fluids, our kidneys must recycle dirty water to maintain fuel levels. This puts the kidneys under increased pressure and compromises their ability to eliminate waste. A good identifier to whether we are drinking enough water is a concentrated urine which will have a darker colour.


Our body’s purification system can only function well if we have enough water flowing through our kidneys to wash away the waste, so for kidney detoxification it is crucial to drink plenty of water every day – at least 8 glasses!


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Are you cheating yourself out of a healthy life? {Guest Post}


Do you know a person who doesn’t want to be healthy? Probably not. We all want to be in shape, have low cholesterol and blood sugar, and look good, but sadly not many people do what it takes to achieve these goals. Sometimes we even blame others for what is actually our own mistake, because we stick to bad habits or swap one bad habit with another and healthy life simply eludes us. Is there any way to change this? Of course there is.

Sit down, relax

We get up, drive to work, sit in our offices for long hours, drive back home, get frustrated because there is a traffic jam, and finally sit on the couch to watch TV. Do you see a pattern? We sit too much, and it is affecting our health terribly without us even noticing. People who sit that much have cardiovascular problems, blood pressure problems, high cholesterols and lower back pain. All these symptoms grouped together are referred to as the ‘sitting disease’ and it is not easily solved by spending an hour at the gym every other day. Instead, try to walk as much as possible, walk around the office, use the stairs at work, park a couple of blocks further and walk to the office… All these things might make you feel tired in the beginning, but later on you will love it.

Sweet tooth

There are days when your body is dying to eat something sweet, and sometimes you indulge, choosing candy bars and ice cream. Pangs of guilt afterwards are inevitable, and you think you will never leave this vicious circle. Think again: there are so many healthy sweets and snacks out there, that you will never have to reach for sugar-filled ones ever again. Make pancakes with Soy Protein instead of traditional ones and cover them with maple syrup and fresh fruit. This will be a healthy and sweet meal but it will also make you healthier and satisfy your hunger pangs better. Emergency sweets: dip any sort of fruit into honey and have a bite – your body will be grateful for choosing the healthy alternative. The truth is that your body craves sugar, but it is not your cravings which make you reach for ultra-processed foods, it’s your eyes and mind.

TV time

How do we relax after a long and stressful day at work? We watch our favourite TV show or a good movie. However, it can easily turn to binge watching and we can end up glued to the screen for hours. Even though a couple of hours in front of the TV is not necessarily bad for you, day after day of doing it will inevitably affect your cognitive function. Children are not the only ones whose time in front of the TV should be limited, adults should control their time too. Spend some quality time with your friends and family instead, this will be a much better (and healthier) solution.

Skipping breakfast

It’s understandable: you’re tired, you don’t have time, you’re on a diet, or you’re just lazy in the morning. Sadly, by skipping the first meal of the day you can only gain weight, and get stressed. Breakfast will keep your blood sugar higher and you will have more energy, and by eating a bowl of cereal and a piece of toast your metabolism will speed up too. What is more, by skipping breakfast you will eat more later, thus gaining more weight.

Even the smallest details matter when it comes to the big picture, so keeping a couple of bad habits may be just the thing preventing you from reaching your goal. Stay focused and strong, if you have decided to change your life for the better and adopt healthy habits, stick to your decision. It may be difficult at first, but as more time passes you will realize there are improvements to be noticed and this will motivate you to keep going until you fulfil your dreams.


Written by Samantha Oliver

Samantha Olivier
 has a B.Sc. in nutrition, and has spent two years working as a personal trainer. Since then, she has embarked on a mission to conquer the blogospere. When not in the gym or on the track, you can find her on Twitter at or in a tea shop. Connect with @sam_olivier_ on Twitter.

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My Thoughts on: Inika Black Mascara




Product: Mineral Macara in Black


I have been looking for and purchasing different brands of ‘clean ingredients’ mascaras and I came across the Inika brand. I have purchased a number of the kits to try out as many different products as possible. One of the kits I purchased was the Inika Beauty Essentials Kit which contained a black mascara.

I was really sceptical about trying mineral mascara as I thought that it will not have a good stay on power or will be poorly made. Once I tried this Inika Mascara I realised I was so wrong about mineral / ‘clean ingredient’ makeup


About the product

I have been using this mascara almost daily for a couple of months now and I have been loving it. It applies really well and stays on all day. I usually apply it before work in the morning, around 7am and it doesn’t come off until I do my evening skin care routine around 8pm, so that is quite something. It is super black in colour and very pigmented, which is something I look for in a mascara. I find this mineral mascara to add a lot of volume to my lashes and on top of all is has great ingredients, is organic and is also vegan friendly!

The only thing with this mascara is that it is not waterproof, however, it is not healthy for the lashes to use waterproof mascara on a regular basis


Age Range?

I would say it is suitable for any one aged to wear mascara, even those with sensitive eyes


How I use it

I use the Inika Mineral Mascara as a part of my daily make up routine. I apply it after I curl my lashes with my eyelash curler and usually applying one coat of it is enough to do the job!
Final Verdict:

I love this mascara and I would be definitely re-purchasing once I am out as so far it has been the best mascara I have ever tried and it is almost better than the conventional ‘big lash’ mascara. Most of all the ingredients are great and as far as I am aware it contains no nasties, it is very good for my sensitive eyes and it is quite affordable in my opinion. Not as cheap as some conventional mascaras, but I would rather spend a little more money and know I am using safe products especially around my eye area!


Have you tried the Inika Mineral Mascara before? What are your thoughts?

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The Detox Series – Detoxing your Kidneys [Part 1]



Our kidneys play two vital roles in our body; balancing fluid and nutrient levels , and excreting waste. Keep them healthy with regular detox!

Our kidneys ensure that we do not become dehydrated or over-hydrated; they also monitor our salt levels. During the Stone Age, salt was scarce and potassium was abundant; the kidneys functioned to excrete potassium in the urine, but hold onto precious sodium. Today, the reverse is true to our diet: salt is abundant and people ingest less potassium. The kidneys have not similarly evolved and this excess of salt can put a real strain on the kidneys, making it harder for the to maintain the correct mineral and fluid balance.

Filtration of Toxins

The kidneys are also excretory organs, filtering toxic waste from the blood and converting it into urine, which is then expelled from the body via the bladder. At the same time, our kidneys selectively reabsorb useful compounds, such as glucose, amino acids and minerals, which can then be returned to the bloodstream. A good detox regime will help our kidneys function to the best of their ability in their crucial excretory role.

Anatomy of the kidneys

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs dorsally situated either side of our spinal column, just above our waist.

Each kidney is divided into an outer part known as the cortex, and an inner part, the medulla. The medulla contains several structures known as renal pyramids, which drain into a central reserve known as the renal pelvis

Clearing the System

The renal artery branches throughout each kidney, supplying it with about 90 litres of blood everyday. As blood flows through the kidneys, water and other constituents are absorbed by millions of blood processing units known as nephrons. Useful products are re absorbed, while excess water and waste are excreted as urine, which drains int the bladder via the renal pelvis.


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May’s Favourites


Unlike most previous months, during the month of May, I have used more or less the same products I have been using for the last couple of months. However I still have some stuff which I have been loving so I thought I would do a mixed favourites post instead. Now onto my favourites:


Lemongrass and Ginger tea

I have been really enjoying this tea by pukka. When I find fresh lemongrass stalks I make this myself but this is a nice alternative. It has a nice refreshing taste which is not very strong. Even though it might be suitable for a morning tea, I have been enjoying this tea in the evening as I find the taste is very calming yet refreshing. It has a more of a lemongrass  taste than ginger which makes it perfect to wind down!

Perfect Fit Multi Vitamin

I had these vitamins for quite a number of months, as they came with a bundle purchase earlier on this year, but I have been reluctant to try them out. I have decided to give them a go since I changed my diet as I am still experimenting with my food and may not be taking all the required vitamins. I have seen great improvements since I started taking them especially in my hair and nails


I hate clutter and having a disorganised space make me feel somewhat unsettled and I tend to concentrate less. I have decided to take on a minimalistic approach with regards to my papers, notebooks diaries etc.  I decided to give Evernote a go and I have been obsessed with it. It is great for taking notes on the go which you can then access from anywhere. I love the fact that I can scan and add photographs to my notes. It is easy to create notes, to do list and even save interesting articles  from the web. Notes can be then grouped into notebooks and notebooks into stacks which help greatly in the organizational process. A plus to this is that now I have to carry less stuff with me which makes my hand bag less heavy which my shoulders have thanked me for! 🙂


Another ‘gadget’ which I have been loving this month is my kindle. I’ve had for years and I have done a blog post about it a couple of years ago. I tend to use it off and on depending on the type of book I am reading, but I have recently been trying to read more and on a daily bases, and I am doing my best to read for at least 30 minutes before I go to bed and for 20minutes upon waking up.  I’ve been loving my kindle for this especially for the fact that I can carry multiple books in one small device and am able to read without having to leave my lights switched on!

W3ll People Narcissist Foundation

Last but not least a beauty product! I have been loving this foundation. It is in stick form which makes it so much easier to apply. It blends well, has great coverage and leaves my skin looking natural, soft and hydrated. It is made with natural ingredients, is cruelty free but it does contain beeswax, which is something I am trying to avoid in all the new products I purchase, but I will still use this product until it finishes.


What are your current favourite products?

Any recommendations I should try out ? 🙂


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How I got into Healthy Living [Part 3]


Results of Changing my Diet

Eating a plant based diet has helped me in more ways than just healing my conditions. I have seen great improvements in my mood and all aspects of life. I don’t panic as much and I feel like I am more positive on the whole outlook of life. I still do get stressed out sometimes, but I feel like I can control myself better.

Whilst doing my research, I came across loads of other information both on websites and you tube channels which made me think on the ethical part of eating a plant based diet. Originally I have looked into this way of eating for health reason, but I was oblivious on other impacts our diet has on animals and the environment. I never realised what animals go through in order to be offered to us as food. After watching some clips from The Vegan Activist, The Friendly Activist and Freelee the Banana Girl, I gave up meat shortly after. Funnily enough, it was not as hard as I thought it would be. I have been living meat free for over 2 months  now and have not craved it once and it has been 1 month without any animal products (intentionally*).

*When I say intentionally I mean I haven’t eaten direct meat, dairy, eggs, but I’ve had the occasional small piece of cake or biscuit which might have been made with butter and eggs, but I am trying out different desserts which are all vegan and still taste delicious.


Helpful Resources

If you are interested in trying out eating plant based or are interested in looking for further information, here are some youtube channels and blogs which I found motivational and made my dietary switch easier:

The Vegan Activist 

The Friendly Activist 

Freelee the Banana Girl

Christine Kobzeff 

Cheap Lazy Vegan 

Jenny Mustard 

The Edgy Veg 

Deliciously Ella 

Hot For Food 


Have you ever thought of making such changes? What are your thoughts?


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How I got into Healthy Living [Part 3 of 3]


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How I got into Healthy Living [Part 2]


Skin Condition: Spots / Acne

Another condition I have suffered from recently which turned out to be food related is spots / acne

I never had spots in my teens, however I started getting spots when I was around 22 years old. The more I took care of my face, the worse they seem to get. I had big red inflamed spots all over my cheeks that hurt every time I smile or yawn. I was making sure I clean my face well, not touch it with my hands, tried loads of different products for different kinds of skin conditions but nothing helped. I didn’t want to take any pills for my skin condition, it was bad enough that I took loads of pills when I was younger and shots for my eczema, so I researched loads of books and websites on alternative medicines but nothing really helped.

Causes of my Condition

Then I started looking for foods that might cause spots and I cut out almost everything, every processed food except for one food group but still with no success. The only thing left to try out was to cut dairy products. I was very reluctant about this as I used to love dairy, I used to have dairy products with every meal and cheese was my addiction, I could add it to anything! I started to reduce my intake until I cut out all dairy products and within a couple of weeks I’ve seen great improvements. I did not encounter any new breakouts and the once I had, started to reduce swelling. Within a month or so, I just had scarring, and I could smile and yawn without feeling any pain for the first time in about 3 years.

I’ve stayed off dairy most of the time but when eating out I sometimes had desserts which contained cream or ice cream and when I ate a whole portion of such dessert a spot or 2 will appear the next day. These spots were not always on my face, sometimes they were in the back of my thighs which would hurt every time I sit down. This was by body’s way of reminding me to stay off dairy products.

I have since stopped eating dairy (intentionally) altogether and I have seen such great improvements in both my skin and overall well being. I have since read books such as the China Study and Crazy Sexy Diet amongst others which have proved my point as to why dairy was causing me such issues. It is loaded with hormones and antibiotics both of which cause havoc to the human body.

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How I got into Healthy Living [Part 3 of 3]


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